André uses his past experiences to help individuals navigate through their current reality while creating new strategies in order to build a better one. It’s very important to him that you understand he has been through some, if not most, of the same things you may be going through right now. He is gifted in the area of creating courses, organizing programs, and workshops which indirectly share his principles and processes while helping you to not only get clear but set and reach your personal goals.

If you are experiencing anything that you ultimately want to feel good about, please, check out the calendar and plan to attend these workshops; they will be very much beneficial to you.

On some level, all of the courses will influence you and push you to connect with the highest level of clarity while uncovering the action steps that will offer you the courage to navigate through and beyond where you are.

Sometimes it’s the questions that sound so simple that are the most powerful. Believe it or not, anything I ask these types of questions, I never get a direct answer. All of the courses on this site were designed in a way to get you to go deep within… Going deep within mixed with a few drops of honesty is the perfect recipe for positive forward movement. Click on the images below to access the sample exercises. Completing these mini exercises will give you a feel of what the courses are like.

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    A Special Thanks!
    by André Hills - Friday, 19 July 2019, 2:04 PM

    I would like to say thank you again to everyone that participated in the run-through of "Lowering the Walls." I appreciate all of your effort, hard work, dedication, and feedback! Thank you for helping me get it right for future participants.