Do you have individuals in your life that treats you in ways based on how they remember you to be - who you used to be, and that no longer resonates with you? Guess what, they are not to blame. It’s up to you to communicate what's important to you, along with what’s no longer important. We treat people how to treat us and there’s no way you can do this if you don’t first know who you are.

This course causes you go within and take a look at yourself like you have never before. In an indirect but powerful way, this course repositions you in a way in which the old you comes face 2 face with the new! This inspires change, leads to positive forward movement, while building healthier relationships.

One of the easiest things to do is to point the finger and blame others for where you are, what happened, and what may be happening now. Not only is it the easiest thing to do, it’s also something that may be a result of conditioning. Besides, it’s been done to you or even being done to you now...

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In a world where no one is exempt from less than pleasing circumstances, it’s important to know that everything starts with you! To be more specific, it starts with what your thinking and how your feeling about it.

Ultimately after completing this course you would have learned a lot about yourself, while recognizing what you’ve been allowing to stand in your way. You would have been offered specific exercises to do began removing these roadblocks. You would have been introduced or reminded of The of Attraction and how to become more intentional as it relates to creating your own reality

This course has been specifically designed to help you lower walls that you've put up in efforts to keep people from getting in. The interesting thing about these walls is - although they may stop people from getting in, they also stop you from getting out. That's right. Stop for a second and think about it. 

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As you already know, the #1 thing that holds most people back is fear. So the question becomes - are you one of these people? Are you allowing fear to hold you back? If you answered no, I challenge you to have to courage to really think about the question again and evaluate what you’re allowing to be your truth. In fact, that’s what this course is all about - looking at your fears, then activating the courage directly connected to them, which is the same courage that is now and has always been within you. If you are not in a space where you feel you can be completely honest with yourself, I encourage to not register for this course at this time.

In today’s society the unfortunate truth is accountability has become slim to none. Imagine what life would be like if you took accountability to another level as it relates to your personal life - then sharing the same level of accountability with others around us. 

This course was designed to encourage, inspire, and assist you with elevating  your level of accountability, which in turn will lead to a more productive and satisfying life experience.